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* We can repair both Mac and PCs.

Computer Break/Fix*

  • We repair desktop and laptop computers.
  • Do you have a faulty screen, loose key, failing track-pad?
    • Yes, we can assist in any of those.
  • Is this your personal computer or a business computer?
    • We work in both residential and commercial environments.

Drop-off or on-site services available; just call and schedule an appointment.

Network or Internet issues

  • Is your Internet slower than normal and your provider says the issue is on your end?
    • We have you covered. We can identify whether it is a local issue or one with your service provider.
  • Do you have to wait for your programs at the office to load properly?
    • We have skilled network technicians that can diagnosis your issue and get it resolved.
  • Are you moving into a new home or office or just need extra lines?
    • Our technicians can run as many additional network lines as needed.

Complete Service packages

  • We offer a monthly maintenance and monitoring contract where we can provide your company or home with multiple services as needed.
  • We want your business to succeed as much as you do and we want to help.
  • Offered Services
    • Monitoring and Maintenance for workstations, laptops, Mac-books, servers, and much more.
    • Backup services, for on-site and remote-storage for disaster recovery needs.
    • SentinelOne End Point Detection and Response for all your anti-virus, malware, and ransomeware protection needs.
    • Web Filtering to protect you and your employees from phishing scams and other harmful websites.
    • Microsoft account management including local active directory, Azure, hybrid-AD, and workgroups
    • Exchange management and monitoring for compliance and security

Phone Troubles

  • Are you looking for a new phone system?
    • We offer VOID solutions through RingCentral, Cox, and Vonage to fit any needs that you might have.
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