Focus on your business…not your computer systems.

AIT offers an ala-carte style menu to give you control.

  • Remote support: Get help when you need it, without needing to wait for a technician to arrive.
  • Managed anti-virus/malware/ransomware: Let AIT worry about the threats your systems face with top-level end-point threat detection and response.
  • Security patch management: We’ll keep your systems updated and protected with the latest security updates.
  • Network monitoring: We’ll keep an eye out for what is on your network and alert you to possible threats lurking.
  • Password Management: Be done with using the same password for everything and utilize a password management solution giving you a secure place to generate and store your sensitive information.
  • Spam Filtering: Protect yourself from the threats of spam and phishing attempts.
  • Backup & Recovery: We’ll backup and secure your data to protect you from anything from accidental deletion to the destruction of the building.
  • Office and Google backup: Secure your data in the cloud with our integrated backup solution.
  • Microsoft Product Licenses: Get licenses to any of the modern Microsoft products including Microsoft’s new co-pilot AI solutions.

AIT is here to guide and help you through the challenges that you face with a home business and cybersecurity.

Contact us today for a risk-free discussion of how we can help!