Absolute IT can work with and provide backup for your in-house IT/IS staff.
Absolute IT can meet your IT/IS support needs at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing below is on a per month basis.

Discounts for quarterly, annual & two-year committments available.

Red Dirt

  • Complete OS update management
  • Managed Anti-virus
  • Protection from visiting harmful websites
  • Backup services for workstations and/or servers [2]
  • Datum Business Solutions operational analysis [3]


  • All previous package benefits
  • Protection against spam emails
  • Protection against phishing and impersonation attempts with employee training
  • Easy password management solution for everyone
  • Datum Business Solutions operational analysis [3]


  • All previous package benefits
  • Next generation threat protection from ransomware
  • Complete email backup solution for Exchange & Gmail
  • All new upcoming tools deployed by AIT to support your business
  • Datum Business Solutions operational analysis [3]


1 Customized to meet your unique needs and with the services you want.

Workstation backups are 100GB and Server backups are 500GB with $0.14 charge per GB overages.

As desired by the Client, Datum Business Solutions LLC will perform at no cost with no obligation either:

  • “Profit Revitalization Review” (PRP) performed to assess the Client’s Financial Health and identify potential Financial Opportunities for Improvement


  • “Blind Spot Analysis” (BSA) – A 1 or 2 day Operational Assessment to identify potential Operational Opportunities for Improvement from which a Blind Spot Analysis Report will be provided